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Principal: Cynthia Cummings
5120 Elk River Road North
Elkview, WV 25071

Staff Members

Staff Members


Cynthia Cummings:

The Principal’s Mission Statement:

My mission as Principal of Bridge Elementary is to: engage, empower, and educate all students to achieve their personal best through a variety of educational opportunities.

Secretary: Cathy Koontz

Resource: Dustin Resler

Counselor: Matthew Emch


Math Interventionist:

Technologist: Pam Pulliam

Reading Interventionist: Gail Waldeck


Carrie Todd, Teacher

Valerie Ross, Aide

Teresa Jackson, Teacher

Sandy Lane, Aide


Suzanne Hall, Teacher

Debbie Arbogast, Aide

First Grade:

Suzanne Lucas

Second Grade:

Angela Fisher

Third Grade:

Melissa (Riggs) Huffman

Fourth Grade:

Angel Gursky

Fifth Grade:

Chris Atkins

Music: Viktoriya Smith

Art: John Sandy

PE: Troy Simpson

Cooks: Fannie Mullins and Sharon Belcher

Custodians: Lisa Legg and Molly Siders

Nurse: Angela Dickens

Speech Therapist:

Katrina Crump